At Vassilia on the Beach, our Beach Bar offers a haven of relaxation and indulgence, right by the cerulean embrace of the Serifos shoreline. As you lounge on our comfortable beach beds, let the gentle sounds of the waves set the tone for an idyllic day ahead. Our expert mixologists curate an exquisite selection of cocktails, from timeless classics to innovative island-inspired concoctions, ensuring every sip is a memory in the making. For those with an appetite, our menu boasts a range of local delicacies and sumptuous food, prepared with the freshest ingredients Serifos has to offer. Every plate is a celebration of Cycladic flavors, bringing the essence of the island right to your table. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing drink to beat the midday heat, a savory bite, or simply a space to unwind and soak in the mesmerizing views, our Beach Bar is the perfect oasis. Join us for moments of sheer bliss, as the horizon stretches endlessly before you.